FTP Connection is not closing

Hi all,

We are currently using the FTP Connector node to store a CSV in a FTP server:

The connections to the server are limited in number and after a few successful runs we are receiving an error 421 as the connection limit is reached: it seems like KNIME connections are not closing after the end of workflow’s execution.

See the advanced settings here:

Do you know how to enforce the connection closing after the execution of the workflow? We tried to implement the DB Connection Closer node but it is not made for this FTP Connector.


Thank you for your help!


Hello @m_poli and welcome to the KNIME Forum.

Sorry for the late reply, do you have any updates on the issue in the meantime?
Are you executing the workflow many times (e.g. with schedules) or do you maybe have a loop inside it?


Hi Emilio,

Thank for your reply.

At the moment we’re still having the issue on the connection closure, as a workaround we have updated our FTP server to accept more connections at the same time, but we don’t see this as a definitive solution.

As for your questions, we do not have any schedules or loops for this workflow.

Thank your, cheers,

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