FTP Connection Timing Out

Hi guys,

Any one has experience with the FTP?

I am using
Host/Port 21/User/Password
It works fine with FileZilla.

I am using the node ‘FTP Connection’ with exact same details.
See attached, I get a 'FTP Connection: 0:121 : Coudn’t connect
java.net.SocketTimeOutException: connect timed out

Interestingly, if I right click on the node and click on Execute, the 3 dots status shows green!

Where do I begin to check what is going wrong?
I researched some of the other similar issues on this forum.
I tried
Host: speedtest.tele2.net
Port: 21
User/Password: Anonymous/Anonymous
It works.

So it can’t be my connection I don’t think. It seems to suggest its my credentials, then how come FileZilla works? Any help is appreciated.

Knime.log (2.1 KB)

Waiting Anxiously! :thinking: :thinking:

Hi @Shai -

This sounds like it might be an older bug, discussed here: FTP Connection node error

The good news is that bug has been addressed for our summer release. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could check the nightly build to see if it resolves your problem.

Sorry for the trouble.


The nightly build seemed promising but no luck.
The FTP node gives similar messages as before. See the log link below.

Whoever is trying to remove the bug can count on my responses and feedback!
This assignment of mine is important and heavily relies on reading/writing xml files from and to ftp folders. I bet on Knime about 2 months back as I loved the logical arrangement of info and the huge community backing it.

All good things happen to those who wait, but luck favors those who hustle!!
Any suggestions for this hustler?

If it is looking grim through normal means, is there a work around?
There must be others who have faced the same issue and managed somehow.
Any suggestions welcome. Got to nail this!!

Knime.Log (2.1 KB)

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Hmmmm. Is it possible that you are behind a proxy, or using a VPN? That might cause a timeout…

@Shai You’re not alone.

I remember having troubles with the FTP nodes as well in the past (until ~ 2 years ago). Back then I was tied to a KNIME workflow and somehow needed to get it to work, so I used a Java Snippet node with the Apache Commons Net library. You can include arbitrary .jar files in the “Additional Libraries” tab – ideally put them into your workflow and reference them with a knime:// path, so that the WFs are portable (see here). This is fiddly, but at least you have full control of the setup and can adapt the error handling to your liking.

I have since moved on to different tools for these kind of tasks though – when writing the code anyways, there’s not much reason to use a workflow for me.

– P.

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My hope has been to avoid too many tools working together and try stick to one method and keep it simple!

I am steering clear of this for now and focusing on the xml aspect of my assignment.
The FTP can possibly be managed using other tools. I will investigate the Java Snippet solution by @qqilihq too!

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