FTP Connector - ERROR: Execute failed: Connect timed out!

Subject: FTP Connector Issue During Scheduled Workflows

Hello Team,

I encountered an issue with the FTP Connector in my workflow. When I run the workflow manually, it executes without any problems. However, when the same workflow is scheduled, I encounter the following error:
“FTP Connector 8:5 - ERROR: Execute failed: Connect timed out.”

I have adjusted the Connection timeout and Read timeout settings from 30 to 600 seconds, but the issue persists.

Does anyone have an idea why this error occurs only during scheduled workflows?

Thank you.

Hi @kotlapullareddy to confirm and clarify: when executing the node and the workflow manually both on your KNIME Analytics Platform locally, and on your KNIME Server (via the Analytics Platform or via the WebPortal) it runs always; and the issue is only present when the workflow is executed on the KNIME Server as a schedule. Is this correct?

Can you please also share the current product versions used for reference?

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Hello @Dora_Oravecz,

the workflow was uploaded into server (which is connected to KNIME Analytics Platform). when I ran the workflow manually there was no issues at all. the issue while scheduled execution only.

KNIME Analytics Platform: 4.7.8
Knime Server version: 4.15.2

This looks like a network connectivity issue on the KNIME Server. It seems the system which is running KNIME Server cannot reach the FTP server due to a firewall or similar.