FTP Connector Issue

I have downloaded the latest knime (4.5.0). When i’m using the FTP Connector, I get the following error:

WARN FTP Connector 0:24 Failed to create 1-th FTP session (0 sessions already opened). Please consider decreasing the maximum FTP sessions.
ERROR FTP Connector 0:24 Failed to initialize FTP client pool
ERROR FTP Connector 0:24 ExecutionException while creating browser.

My co-workers seem to be able to connect, but I cannot.

Hi @alexf,

And welcome to the KNIME Forum and to our community.
Would you be able to share your node settings and e.g. the KNIME log from debug mode? You can set this in the Preferences > KNIME > Log File Log Level.

Best regards,

Hello @alexf,

I want to check back on you if you could resolve your issue or if you still have problems.
If the latter applies, I would need to have a look at your node settings and debug level logging, to get some insights on what you are trying to do and what is going on in the back.

Best regards,

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