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Hello everyone,
I used the FTP connection (legacy) node to connect KNIME to an external host but now I cannot extract the file to manipulate it in KNIME. Which node should I use to extract the csv file from the FTP connection (legacy) node and then create a workflow in KNIME?
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Hi @millainthesky.

the old ftp connector would use the following node to transfer files:

The new ftp node the transfer files:

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But this way I cannot output the csv file directly to KNIME.
Is there a way to automatically transfer the file from FileZilla to KNIME so that I can output the csv file and then work on the data?

Hi @millainthesky,

i think then you have to upgrade to the current knime version.
With the 4.3 Knime and the new FTP Connector you can direcly put the file system input to the CSV/Excel Reader (on the lower left corner the… add file system port)


Thank you all for your answers and your help. I have finally solved the problem! :slight_smile:

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