FTP nodes do not work when run in background process

Hi I recently started running Knime desktop version 5.2.0 in a Window Server 2019 Datacenter.
I automated several flows using the windows task manager.
the task manager runs the flows as a background proccess.
And they work perfectly except the flows that are related to using nodes to connect or transfer files in a SFTP connection.
the flow runs perfectly when I run it directly in knime, it only fails when run in background process.

Please help me solve this issue

This is what I see in the Knime log.

Node : MISSING FTP Connector : 3:21 : Node can’t be executed - Node “FTP Connector” not available from extension “KNIME Basic File System Connectors” (provided by “KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland”; plugin “org.knime.ext.ftp.filehandling” is not installed)

But when I run the program it works perfectly

Hi @fvargase,

I faced the same issue but have not found a reliable workaround. Though, it seems to correlate with opening workflows too early while Knime is still starting as I could find in this thread.