FTP over SSL - does it exist a such node?

If not, does someone have any suggestion to enable this kind of communication, please?


I guess you are referring to FTPS? This is not a common protocol and we don't have any plans to support it. What about using scp/sftp instead? The filehandling nodes support it.

   Yes, I meant FTPS.

   Actually, one of our client has asked us to send "sensible" IP-related (chemistry) data using this specific protocol and I am not sure how much margin we have to re-discuss.

   As workaround, would it be possible with KNIME to run an extenal proccess (in particualr, from KNIME Server), such us FileZilla (Windows box), kicked-off by a given node?

   Thanks again.



You may be able to write your own node that calls a command line FTPS tool.

The external tool node can the do the job, but I suspect this might be too late for you?


I am interested in an ftp over tls solution. Did you find a solution ?