Full outer join in join node and keep original row ID

I want to merge different columns in different tables with same set of row ID, however some rows may be missing in some tables, for example:

table 1:

rowID color
0 yellow
2 red
3 red

table 2:

rowID fruit
0 banana
1 apple
2 apple

I am expecting following table:

rowID color fruit
0 yellow banana
1 apple
2 red apple
3 red

I tried full outer join and keep row keys which is denied by joiner node as “Cannot reuse input row keys for output”. Any workaround?

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Hi @anguslou

My suggestion here would be to use two -RowId- nodes to extract the row ids from both tables before joining them and then use a -Rule Engine- node followed again by a -RowID- node to set the new wanted values of the joined table row Ids.

Hope it helps.


@anguslou here is an example. It is not pretty but it would work


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