Full Outer Join problem


I have to tables with measurement data:

I tried to join them by “Joiner” (Full Outer Join with “Time” as Match column) - but I get the following Output (there is no “Time” of the left table in the result).

What am I doing wrong?


There is an option in the second tab of the Joiner config window that lets you show either one or both of the joining columns. Furthermore, your matching column is a Double; I am not sure but I think that small deviations in the rounding may ruin the join, so you may want to convert it to a Int or Long in both table before the join, if possible.

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Hi Aswin,

thanks for your reply.

I got the data by a REST-POST-Request and used JSON Path to get a table. I only found “String to Number” to convert the type - but this node only allows to convert strings in different columns to only one data type (and I need a double for my values).

Here the relevant part of my workflow:


Are there any identical time points in the two tables? If there are none or only a few you may be better off with a Concatenate node (bottom-to-top combination of tables) than with a Joiner node (side-to-side combination of tables).

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Hi Aswin,

“Concatenate” node works - thank you!


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