Further new flow control nodes from updated Vernalis plugin

The Vernalis contribution was last night updated with 22 new nodes, mostly relating to 'flow control', and all 'general' nodes (i.e. not specific to cheminformatics applications).

Our main description page (http://tech.knime.org/book/vernalis-nodes-for-knime-trusted-extension) has been updated, as has our detailed description page which gives a brief description of each node (http://tech.knime.org/book/vernalis-cheminformatics-nodes).  We've also added a new example page at http://tech.knime.org/book/timing-nodes describing the features of the new timing nodes in more detail and providing some examples (will also be available on the example server soon)

To summarise:

  • If / Case Switches
    • The old flow variable ones are deprecated, and replaced with new ones
    • Database variants of these nodes are added
    • A standard DataTable version of the If Switch (Flow Variable Value) node is also added
  • Loops
    • Additional loop end nodes for 3 ports, and with optional ports allowing upto 4 or upto 6 tables to be collected at the end of a loop
    • 'Timing' loops, which run either until the input table has all been processed, or until a set time cutoff has been encountered (see the link above for more detail)
  • Delays
    • Two nodes to simply wait until a time cutoff has been encountered (again see above links for more details)
  • Flow Variable IO
    • Read/Write Flow Variable nodes, analogous to the Read/Write Table nodes

Hope you find them useful - please feel free to get back to us with any feedback or suggestions (i.e. would you like the If/Case Switches in different port types, more ports on loop ends etc etc) via our forum page (http://tech.knime.org/forum/vernalis)


Awesome Steve, thanks for the udpate.  This looks like it will be usefule across domains in KNIME.  Good on ya!