Fuse two string-columns

I just want to fuse two string columns in one table. The strings in both columns have to be linked without delimiter in a new column


Column 1 Column 2         New Column

Max           Mustermann   MaxMustermann


How can I do that? Thank you.


Alternatively, I am looking for a possibility to rename duplicate ro strings, by appending a suffix. E.g.:

Original name    New name

Peter                    Peter_1

Peter                    Peter_2

Peter                    Peter_3


Is that possible?

The first party you can solve using the Column Combiner.

The second part is more tricky. I would loop it. Use a group loop start, counter, column combiner (name + counter), and Loop End.

Best, Iris

Thank you. I realized, that a column aggregator is a proper simple solution

Another solution is to let RowID with “ensure uniqueness” do the work.(2nd part)