Future Plans - New UI for Knime Analytics Platform


I belong to a group of educators who teach Knime as a part of our overall data science curriculum.

We recently stumbled across the preview for the new UI in Knime Analytics Platform and this has us a bit confused - how much do we incorporate the upcoming UI into our teaching? We wouldn’t want our teaching to be dated and neither do we want to confuse beginners with what we assume to be an alpha or beta phase UI expected to evolve continuously.

Our current strategy is that we stick to the old UI but have a segment where we also encourage people to give the new UI preview a spin, pointing out any differences. But we are still not 100% sure and any advice in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Thanks for the question.

Yes, your strategy makes sense.

Also, we are providing up-to-date materials via the Educators Alliance resources.
As soon as the new UI is released, we will update our training materials accordingly, indicating the time to start teaching the new UI instead of the current one.

I hope this helps.



Thank you for the reply. We will proceed with our current strategy, I guess.

Is there any roadmap or timeline of how and when the old UI will be replaced by the new one?

Thanks for the follow-up question.

Keep a look out for the Educators’ Newsletter, we will communicate more details early next regarding this to help with your planning.

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