Fuzzy Cluster Neighbourgrams visualisation on the WebPortal


KNIME AP has a neat tool called ‘NG Construct & View’ for creating Fuzzy Cluster Neighbourgrams which provides a very nice visualisation of clusters of observations of interest in your data.

We use it a lot on KNIME AP and need to publish it on the Webportal but I cannot find a version of this tool which is compatible with the Webportal…?

I think that this tool was created by KNIME (rather than the community) so I would have expected a ‘JavaScript’ or similar version to have been published for viewing it on the Webportal, but I’ve not identified one if it exists.

Does anyone know whether there is a way to view these neighbourgrams via the WebPortal?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Mike,

on WebPortal you can either have interactive visualizations with JavaScript nodes or static ones with Image Output node. Unfortunately NG Construct & View node only has a (non JavaScript) view, but does not provide any images as output. I’m afraid there is no way is to provide this via WebPortal except for creating a view yourself with Generic JavaScript view.


Hi Marten,

Many thanks for your reply. That is really unfortunate. Unfortunately I do not know how to code in JavaScript so I wouldn’t know how to create an interactive generic JavaScript view for using this tool on the WebPortal.

Is there any plan for KNIME to make this capability available on the WebPortal? If not is there a possibility to raise a request or a ticket to make this view available on the WebPortal please?

One of the key selling points to our management to agree to purchase the KNIME Server was that all KNIME’s own KNIME AP tools will be available to our end users via the WebPortal, and the neighbourgrams model was a key feature that our users really liked and wanted to be able to access on the WebPortal…?

Hi Michael,

I’m afraid there are currently no plans to provide the the Neighborgram View functionality via a dedicated JavaScript node such that it will be compatible with the WebPortal. Unfortunately the current demand for this kind of functionality is very limited such that it will not justify a prioritization. The best I can promise you is that we will open a feature request and keep track of upcoming demand for this feature.


Hi Marten,

Thanks for letting me know. It’s a great shame for us (as we have workflows that users want that are ‘ready to go’ but which we can’t deploy to the Webportal ), but I understand your position.

I will try to find someone in the company that has some knowledge of JavaScript and see if it would be feasible to develop this via the Generic JavaScript node in-house.

Please keep me updated if and when the demand for this feature makes it a candidate for developing for the WebPortal.

Thanks and regards,


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