Fuzzy Matching?

HI All,

I have a list of company names. But they contain spelling mistakes. I can clean certain things like special characters. I need exact allocations because I want to make statistical evaluations, such as the customer Siemens AG in April 2019 sent 20 times to thailand products and 23 times to Spain, etc. to do that exactly I must have the name right, because otherwise the result is distorted when as a result Siemens AG sent 14 times to thailand and Siemmens AG 6 times to thailand. It is about the same company, but it would output different things as a result, which do not correspond to the truth. I would like a kind of name cluster to be formed so that in the future they can be seen as one company. it doesn’t matter whether Siemens or Siemmens, it should simply be seen as one company and with it the transactions.
Can someone please help me? I’m really desperate.

Thank you and best regards