Fuzzy numbers

As a result of survey I have a set of triangle fuzzy numbers as answers on a questions. I use for each fuzzy number three columns. I saw, that there is type of the column “Fuzzy number” in KNIME. Can I use this type for my results, or can I work with this fuzzy numbers in KNIME any other way?
Thank you for the answers!

The FuzzyNumberCell you find in KNIME seems to be a perfect fit. It has a core value and two support values. Unfortunately, there is no node in the public release (that I know of) that allows you to generate instances of that type. You would need to write that node by yourself. There are also no nodes for consuming that type of cell. The cells can be used in nodes that work on double values, though (just taking the core value, not that interesting, probably?).

In short: There is a type for representing fuzzy numbers but there are no nodes operating on FuzzyNumberCell columns.