GA4 (Google Analytics 4) Support

I’m using the official Google Analytics connector but it doesn’t look like it supports GA4. Will this be updated or is there another extension I can use?

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Hi @wofguy, welcome to the KNIME Forum!

Thank you for bringing this up. At the moment GA4 is not supported. We have opened a feature ticket for this (internal reference: AP-19882) and will keep you posted.



Hi Guys!

Google enable some GA reports API, i believe that it comes soon as possible because the dead line for Universal is 07/2023… after that, the information won’t be more available for the users… Help US!!!

A node to connect and make Oath2 together will be great!

Tks, Denis

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Are you still working on an API integration that supports Google Analytics 4? The deadline to transition over is fast approaching.

Let me know on when we can expect a fix.

Hi @Grasmith and welcome to the forum. Short answer: yes. Slightly longer answer:

Hi @ScottF , do you have some news about it?



It’s coming in the summer release! We have plans to use GA4 internally in some of our own workflows in my group, so we’re looking forward to it as well. :slight_smile:

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@ScottF This is great looking forward to it. any idea on date?

Also - Is the oAuth node getting updated to allow additional scopes for the Admin APIs?

As of 4.7.5 there is a Google Analytics 4 “Connection” and “Query” node available. The nodes will also be part of the 5.1 release, although with a modern dialog. The “old” nodes will support Universal Analytics for as long as that API is around.

The community already identified some… oddities? when working with GA4. I posted some info on them in this forum thread. For example, it seems Google Analytics does not actually migrate data when “Migrating from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4”, which might make some queries end up being surprisingly empty.