Gartner Magic Quadrant

The latest Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms is still led by Power BI, with no mention of KNIME, which was previously included in the Data Science and Machine Learning platforms. With the new updates and features, shouldn’t they both be considered in the same report?

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@piva it is not that easy to follow all of Gartner’s various categories. Some time ago they seem to have stopped putting “Multipersona Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms” or “Market Guide for DSML Engineering Platforms” in quadrants and instead opted for doing customer review based comparisons without a specific quadrant or overall estimations.

More interesting than some external recommendations might be to do one’s own evaluation and see what product and platform will suit your needs - if that was the question implied :slight_smile:

Another interesting aspect might be KNIME’s placement on the well known “MAD (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Data) Landscape” by Matt Turck.


@mlauber71, it’s not just a matter of conducting one’s own evaluation, but also of supporting those evaluations to convince customers. In this regard, Magic Quadrants are definitely a point of reference, and it’s worth making an effort to consider all of Gartner’s different categories to facilitate comparisons with competitors.

I rather consider KNIME an ETL and Data Science Tool not a BI Tool like Power BI or Tableau which focus on Data Visualization. But that is just my personal opinion. Gartner certainly does not care to much what I think :wink: