General question about using R with KNIME Server

Hey Everyone,


I am interested to hear about other user experiences in integrating the R snippets with KNIME and specifically productionising workflows that include this integration on a Server.

Recently I have migrated some complex R workflows over to KNIME. While I understand it is best practice to rebuild as many of the operations as possible in KNIME native nodes I would like to get a feel for how powerful and stable the R integration is.

Some issues I have encountered are:

  • Minor syntax errors on direct translation.
  • Bugs where a node runs successfully one day and then fails the next for no clear reason.

For the first obviously workarounds can be found but the second is more concerning and as you can understand we are reluctant to move our workflows to the Server until we can be confident that the R nodes are stable, consistent and providing accurate results.


Any feedback would be appreciated.





Hi I had some issues like yours using R snippets sometimes. I fixed it with a wait for time delay as in the picture attached.

Best regards