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We are installing KNIME on Linux plateform on which there is not a graphicl interface and hence there is no graphical interface for KNIME either. We are planning to run KNIME from the command line.

We are using some R and Python nodes and we need to configure the settings for both R and python. Can anybody help us with some information on where we can find a global settings file for KNIME that we can edit to set the R and Python parameters manually without having to use KNIME Gui ?

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Hello gurus,

I would like to build a same/similar application like "", which exposes the spendrifts of public moneys for their own benefits. I really recommend to anyone to look at this site.

Knime seems to be a very useful tool for this, but is there a way of connecting to the required data sources automatically (let's say a local Council's Financials) rather then do it manually, download the financial statements on my computer and then "Knime" them?

Any help is gratefully accepted and acknowledged.

You can also email me at:

best would be to install the KNIME server version! there you have all the possibilities you dream of..
otherwise you need to configure your OS for sheduling an KNIME exe command..

thanks for the advise, but it's presently beyond my reach.

Get Request Node.

I am just reading up on this node and it will probably do what I want it to do. Any comments, anyone?

Thanks for your good questions around running and scheduling KNIME workflows and maybe reports. KNIME Server is probably the best option to deploy and access KNIME workflows via client, web and REST API, especially the latter allows calling and embedding workflows into our infrastructure and building own applications. Please see the KNIME Server page for details or contact us.

KNIME provides standard connector nodes to read and access data from flat files, databases, Apache Hadoop, web crawling, via REST interfaces or nodes allowing to executed and embed your own code, for example Java. You can also use the KNIME SDK to develop own node extensions for your specific data format or use the External Tool nodes to load your libraries into KNIME.