generate 2 line from 1 lines

how can I achieve this transformation please,
if A=0 or B=O => keep same line,
if A# 0 and B # 0 => generate a 2nd line with a 0 as on the screen.
thank you for your answers

I find th result, if some one interessed!


Hi @mosmel, glad you managed to find the result you needed. Just in case somebody in future has a need to do something similar, it would be good (if you are able) to actually upload an export of your demo workflow, as a picture of the nodes used only tells us part of the story. Without being able to see what each of those nodes is doing it is a bit like having a “recipe” for a cake, which only includes the ingredients and a photo of the finished cake. :wink: thanks.


Like @takbb I’d like to see your workflow if possible. Here’s another approach:

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sure, here is the workflow:
generate 2 line from 1 lines.knwf (13.4 KB)

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