Generate a new column with row values

Hello Knimers : D. I hope you´re doing great.

So I´m facing a new problem here and I don´t have any idea how to deal with it.

I have a table that is a pivoting result:
“Employee Activity” column has different values, and those values has its own date & time value.

I´m looking for a way to “Separate” or “Split” all the values of “Employee Activity” column. my expected output is something like this:

Generate new columns with the separated values and, using the same ID

Things I´ve tried:

  • Pivoting this table
  • Unpivot
  • Column splitter

Thanks in advance

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Hi @ttsk8der

That would be a job for a GroupBy node followed by two Cell Splitters :wink: Just make sure that the original table is sorted properly.


Hello : D @ArjenEX !! I hope you´re doing great.

I tried your solution, and it works partially. Because some of rows has more than two values wich makes output show a lot of null cells :joy:

Is there a way to limit the data that it groups? Or I need to filter and join later?

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Allright, pro tip: always post your most complex situation. The logic is usually then also capable of handling the simple cases :slight_smile:

If you could share that case in a workable format so we don’t have to type it all over again I’m sure someone will be able to cook something up.

At face value, you’re are probably looking a Group Loop scenario here.

you need only first and last value? If so then like @ArjenEX said the Groupby and then you could try min and max aggregation (assume your column is date type?)

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Hello @ArjenEX and @Daniel_Weikert : D

Using the GroupBy, I realized that the problem was a column that duplicate data. After saw that detail. I reconfigured the pivot node and finally it´s working :grin::grin::grin:

Thank you both for your time and replies

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