Generate a Seed

I start from Chalenge 19 S2.
I would like tu use @tomljh solution ton generate a seed.
1/ Can i generate a seed with RF and use it with XGBoost ?
2/ In @tomljh workflow if i use XGboost instead of RF it doesnot work. Why ?
3/ What is the method to find the best seed ? For example in the same challenge @alinebessa solution use seed 27; why ?
Thanks for your help

@alinebessa Seed27 is in challenge S2/25

Hello, @Brain.

  1. I think if XGboost is used as the basic learning algorithm, then when searching for Seed, XGboost should also be used. Search for seed and predictive learning, using the same algorithm.

2.Searching for Seed, I couldn’t find a theoretical explanation either. I just saw this phenomenon and tried it out, Hope it works.

Thank you

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