generate explicit combination among values from list

I would like generate a list, or a matrix, containing all the combinations among qualitative data or object (es. words) conteined in a string (es. .csv), without any constraint about position.

In Microsoft Excel I found a function (combine.value) that calcule the number of combination with repetition, with specification of list of value (“numbers”) and “class”, that is the dimension of extracted samples. For example, I have 12 different object (words) and would like generate all the combination among them, with the only constraint that all combination must contain 15 object. Combine.value for 18 objects and 15 class, give 7.726.160 different combination.

My problem now isn’t calculate how many combinations is possible produce, but… produce them!

Thank everybody in advance!


Hi @Franco72 and welcome to KNIME Forum

I’m not quite sure what you want to achieve exactly but see this worklfow I created some time ago.
See if it helps you some steps forward (btw. there is some python code in it).

gr. Hans

Thanks @HansS , I already looked at your workflow today.
Howewer I not searching about permutation, but a combinatorial application, where the reciprocal location of value in the array is not relevant.


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