Generate n rows based on timediff in seconds between previous and next row

I have this data with the timediff in seconds between the first and the next row:

|2018-02-28T23:00:02 |?|
|2018-02-28T23:00:10 |8|

My objective would be to generate this sort of result:

|2018-02-28T23:00:02 |?|
|2018-02-28T23:00:03 |1|
|2018-02-28T23:00:04 |1|
|2018-02-28T23:00:05 |1|
|2018-02-28T23:00:06 |1|
|2018-02-28T23:00:07 |1|
|2018-02-28T23:00:08 |1|
|2018-02-28T23:00:09 |1|
|2018-02-28T23:00:10 |1|

In other words generate n records per each timediff in each second between the first and the last value of the column datetime_1. Maybe a datetime shift node could be of any help for this scenario? Cause in this case I should need to shift datetime_1 by 1, but I should need to increment by 1 the next value to be shifted in order to increment the datetime value correctly by 8 seconds.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

What about using the Create Date&Time Range node with a 1s interval? Then you just define the start and end times of interest in the node configuration.

But I already have as interval the datetime values. I don’t think that I can pass them within the Create Date&Time Range node, right?