Generate next day


I want to generate a new column with next day from existing one. How can i do it?


First Column New Column Difference
1.01.2023 2.01.2023 1
5.01.2023 6.01.2023 1

But, if we want to generate next working day?

  1. How can i make difference between this ones? I want to see in int.

Hello @sebastian911
You can create a wide range of working days based in the following workflow (lower branch - first two nodes), you can filter working days (Monday to Friday) with a Rule Based Row Filter node.

Then you can use a ‚ÄėMoving Aggregation‚Äô to calculate a Lag(+1) column from the Date&Time column. You will simply need an Inner Joiner node to match lagged column with your $FirstColumn$ data.


PS.- Let us know if further support is needed


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