Generate or Create UniqueID / KeyID / Primary Key

After reading data from CSV (or perhaps any input node), I’m looking to generate a new column with a unique ID, key ID, or a primary key for the dataset. The reason for this is to allow for the data table to be split and re-joined downstream after some work on select columns.

I was surprised not to find coverage on this topic already, so I’ve either not searched enough, searched the wrong terms, or I’m missing something blatantly simple. I realize that all three are my problem, and I apologize in advance. Any guidance extended would be sincerely appreciated.

He @wisemanleo

Did you check the RowID node?
gr. Hans


Thanks @HansS, alas - thank you. I think that should work, if I perhaps leave the first box unchecked, while checking the second box to create a new column to hard code a new RowID. Thank you.

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@wisemanleo there is also this node

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Excellent - I will check this out as well - good to have options with keyID’s.


You can use the RowID node to generate new IDs for your table.


And you can set up some preferences.

I hope this help you,



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