Generating new entity tags within NER

Is it possible to generate new label tags for Named Entity Recognition?

For example: when you run ABNER tagger, annotated tags are labeled as 'ABNER'.

When you run your own tagger (eg. Dictionary based) you have a preset list of tagged names, and you can select for instance Tag Type = NE and Tag value = UNKNOWN.

My question is if I can use other (custom) values for Tag Type and Tag Value.




Hi Fernando,

that is not possible. You can only select the tags and the tag set for the Dictionary Tagger and the Wildcard Tagger. It is possible to create new tag sets, but they can only be used again in the Dictionary Tagger and the Wildcard Tagger, or iin custom taggers.

Other tagger nodes have a fixed tag set and tags that they assign.

Cheers, Kilian

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