Generic Echarts View Node

I am using the Generic Echarts View Node to create complex charts with several towsand of dots and lines. It works perfectly. However I tried to activate the SaveAsImage feature using this code here:

toolbox: { // Add toolbox configuration
feature: {
saveAsImage: {
name: “test”,
show: true,

The button appear on the chart, however when I am cliking on it, nothing is happening. Do someone is getting the same issue?


Hi @JeanDavid,
Thank you for the report. The sandboxed iframe which renders the view was missing the allow-downloads option. The “saveAsImage” button should already work in the latest nightly and the fix will be released in the next bugfix update.

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Thank you so much for your reply.

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Internal ticket ID: AP-21995
Fix version(s): 5.2.2
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