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I have been trying to make different graphics to those proposed by the templates without much success. At the moment I am trying to generate a WordCloud and making use of the K-AI, I managed to make a code for the graph, but although it runs without error, it does not show me any graph. What could be going on? Attached is the code

option = {
series: [{
type: ‘wordCloud’,
shape: ‘circle’,
gridSize: 8,
sizeRange: [12, 60],
rotationRange: [-90, 90],
rotationStep: 45,
width: 600,
height: 400,
drawOutOfBound: false,
textStyle: {
normal: {
color: function () {
return ‘rgb(’ + [
Math.round(Math.random() * 160),
Math.round(Math.random() * 160),
Math.round(Math.random() * 160)
].join(‘,’) + ‘)’;
emphasis: {
focus: ‘self’,
data: (await inputTable.getData([“Term as String”, “TF rel”])).map(([name, value]) => ({name, value}))

Thanks in advance

Hey @lsandinop,

A reason for it not working with ‘Generic ECharts view’ is due to the node not supporting it out of the box. If you want to generate a word/tag cloud, you can do this through the ‘Tag Cloud (Javascript)’ node so you get more control over the output over the regular ‘Tag Cloud’ node.

Here is a reference workflow you can look at that uses it.

The output of the reference workflow is below:

Hope this addresses your issue,

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That is a good solution and it is just as I have it right now. I’m trying to build a tag cloud or a word cloud using E-charts because JavaScript nodes are not supported by the reporting extension. Consequently, I haven’t been able to print that chart in a PDF report.

Do you have any suggestions?

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Hi @lsandinop,

maybe this can help:

Have a nice day,
Raffaello Barri


It was exactly what I needed! You have soved all my report problems ha ha ha!
Have a great day


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