Generic Echarts View


I’m playing with the Generic Echarts View and I have two questions here.

  • My data contains rendered images. With the tile view of Java Script I can visualize the images in my components. However, I don’t see the way to do that with the Generic node. I get this error:
 column "Image" is not compatible (i.e. numeric or nominal).
  • The second issue is that with other Java Script nodes, when I create a component, they different views are synchronized. However, in the case of Generic node, this is not happening. Something I’m missing?

In any case, amazing node!!


Hi @fmgarcia85,

Thanks for trying the Generic ECharts View and for your input!

  • you are correct, we do not support input images in the Generic ECharts View yet. I am not sure whether that is even supported, but I created a development ticket (AP-22333) to investigate.
  • Indeed, we do not support synchronizing the selection of data points of the EChats view with other view yet, but this is planned to happen soon. Development ticket AP-22182. We’ll let you know once it is available.



Thanks for the reply, @carstenhaubold!

Kind regards,

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