Generic JavaScript Download Button

Hi all,

I was helped out immensely creating a custom Refresh Button that uses Generic Javascript View via thread Change Refresh Button Widget look. Using the same logic, how would I be able to create a Download Button using the Generic JavaScript View node that would talk to the File Download Widget?

Sorry, I’m NOT a JavaScript expert by no means and I’m having trouble understanding what elements/classes to connect to the File Download Widget. It’s not a button, it’s a URL that I’m trying to use as the “hook”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Hi @philcremer,

you might want to tick the checkbox to generate an image and then save it using an image writer node:


If there is no download option available you might want to submit a feature request in:

Otherwise, the only chance of a voluntary download function can only be accomplished by using other visualization nodes. Maybe you share a screenshot of the graph in case you need some suggestions which node to chose.


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