Generic JavaScript error in new webportal

Hi Team,

In server 4.11 version, I had ran my WF in new webportal and after entering the input I clicked on the next button , Ideally WF should navigate to second screen.

But there are few errors in JS node

When I opened the WF in Analytical platform I noticed that Component got executed successfully

I had tried to open the Component but below error shows up.

Is this is known issue in webportal or any configuration we need to do to resolve this error page?

Hi @mathi,

there might be a chance that you run into a problem we already fixed. What exact server version are you using? (latest is 4.11.2). Is your component part of a loop? (that would support my hypothesis)

If you are already using the latest server version and the problem still persists would it be possible for you to provide a minimal workflow where the problem occurs?

And regarding the second problem: can you maybe provide the respective part of the log output (View > Open KNIME log)?


Hi @hornm,

Thanks for you response.

  1. I am using 4.11.0 version. I’ll update my server to 4.11.2 and see if error exists.
  2. Yes component is part of a loop.
  3. After server update, if error exists I’ll share the logs accordingly.

Hi @hornm,

I had updated the KNIME Server to 4.11.2

I had ran the WF in webportal and after I hit next button, I am getting the same JS error as mentioned above.
PFA logs.knime.log (23.0 KB).

One general question - Do I need to delete the WF’s in server after update and re-upload it again?

Hi @mathi,

can you also please make sure that the Server’s Executor is up-to-date? (latest AP 4.2.2)
(here is a guide to update the executor; in particular the ‘KNIME Remote Workflow Editor for Executor’ extensions needs to be the latest version, which is 4.11.0.v202008251349).

The other problem: what Analytics Platform version are you using locally? I think, an update should help here, too.

And your last question: no, there is no need to re-upload the workflows.

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