Generic JavaScript View -- Understanding Flow Variable options

I am trying to create a line graph via HTML structure and send it out via email. Here are the following steps that I want to implement in a KNIME workflow:

  1. Use a “General JavaScript View” node to create an HTML structure using D3 with a line graph.

  2. Extract the HTML produced and save it to a Flow Variable for future usage.

  3. Add the flow variable to a “Send Email” node.

Does anyone have guidance on how to achieve step 2 above? What is the syntax required to create a new flow variable from within a Generic JavaScript View node?

For additional context, I am using KNIME version 4.6.1, and I am looking for some sort of documentation to figure out how to use the following:


Hi @rrembert3,

I’m afraid your second point – extracting the view’s HTML – isn’t a simple task.
You will find a related question and answer here Button to download a page from the Web app - #2 by DanielBog , but I’m not sure how exactly this would work in the end.

Kind regards

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Hi @rrembert3 ,

This might be possible as shown in the screenshot. On the local execution you need to open the view and click on apply.


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