Generic Javascript Views -- How to SVG image generation --?

Hi all,

In working with the KNIME (v4.1.3) examples/03_Visualization/04_Geolocation/07_Choropleth_World_map I’m trying to work out how to generate the SVG image.

Similar but fairly old posts are about d3 ( or and an older version about creating plotly-based svgs (

I tried to integrated these in the image generation tab with no success whatsoever.

Any suggestions/scripts to do so would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


Hi there @nikitas,

welcome to KNIME community!

If I got it right it is not possible. See here: 07_Choropleth_World_Map - export image from generic javascript view

EDIT: Can be fixed on the JS. See above topic.


Hi ipazin

It’s a pitty.
Perhaps in some future update.

Thank you for the reply.

Hi @nikitas,

you are welcome. Possibly. Will forward feedback.


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