Generic R snippet to R Plot

I want to pass some parameters from a Generic R snippet (with CellNOptR script within) to Rplot. Therefore I pass the parameters to rOut:

rOut$pknmodel <- pknmodel

rOut$cnolist <- cnolist

in Rplot I want to call the parameters by kIn$pknmodel and kIn$cnolist and plot it:

plotModel(kIn$pknmodel, kIn$cnolist).


However I get the error:

"ERROR R Plot               2:30       Execute failed: Error : Error in match(x, table, nomatch = 0L) : Objekt 'vertices' nicht gefunden"


What is wrong? Thank you for your answer.


Hard to say without knowing CellNOptR...

The following R-scripts works for me, can you test that?


rOut <- list()
rOut$dens <- density(rnorm(100))



Did you reload all necessary libraries in the plot node?

Otherwise, I would recommend to troubleshoot with the OpenInR node

I loaded the necessary library in R Plot.

Following your suggestion, I additonally initialized the

rOut <- list()

But that did not solve theproblem, still the same error.


I have to explcitly initialize kIn in Rplot by:

kIn <- rOut

Thats it.

That is weird. Which plugin version are you working with?