Geo-Coordinate row filter issues

The map fails to load when using the geo-coordinate row filter. Any suggestions?

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Hi @tvgknime,

I checked the Openstreetmap extension and can confirm that there is a problem with displaying the map in the Wikimedia Map mode, as it seems to me related to waypoints.

I informed the developer already and we will check and fix this.

Thank you for contacting and informing us about the problem.


Hi @MichaelRespondek . Any update on this issue? Would help us big way if this is resolved. Appreciate your help in this.

When looking at the screenshot the tile with “Benkelman” in the big box is clear, the other texts are blurred.
So it looks like you zoomed in or out of the map when the failure ocured.
Such a behaviour may occur when the tile server does not respond fast enough or the tile does not exist or needs to be rerendered.

What map are you using?
Any information about the tile used server(s)?

[Edit] I just checked the whether this is the style of OpenStreetMap. It is not. The I80 is drawn in red.
Unfortunately there is not “the map server” with “the map style” in OSM. So it’s hard to see what map & tile you are using.

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We have been using it very often and that is the reason we can sense if something has changed. If you are able to use a working version then we can switch to that. I think @MichaelRespondek mentioned that he senses an issue as well.

@MichaelRespondek : Were you guys able to rectify the issue? Thanks for your help as always.

Hi @tvgknime,

The developers are currently on fixing this issue. At the moment I cannot provide you an expected release date.


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Thanks @MichaelRespondek . Good to know that its been worked on. Appreciate all the help and support in the process.

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