GEO-coordinate Row Filter

Hey miners!
I'm currently trying out map segmentation via the 'Geo-Coordinate Row Filter' node by a number of rows containing lat/long data. 
Knime returns and empty data table after this. 

Did anyone experience this before?

Hi Stoffer,

is this one of the Palladian nodes? 

You can find the extension name if you go to the Node Description of the node at the very end.

Best, Iris  

Dear Iris

Thank you for your response.. I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you earlier 


to asnwer your question I copied this: 

"This node is contained in KNIME Open Street Map Integration provided by KNIME GmbH, Konstanz, Germany."


It is located in the 'open street map' nodes



Thank you!

I just tried the node and it works as expected for me.

Did you configure the node? In the configuration panel you must draw a shape which will be the filter for you coordinates.

Best, Iris 

Dear iris.. I have attached some screenshots: 


Hi Stoffer,

and if you visualize the data, there are points in this triangle. 

Hm, I would need an example workflow to try. Is there a minimal workflow you can give me?

Best, Iris 

Dear Iris

No there is actually not - I get the followin message 

ERROR Geo-Coordinate Row Filter 0:51       Execute failed: java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to

Okay, than we found the problem.

It seems the Geo Coordinate node is not accepting missing values. I will open a feature request for this.

For the time being, please add a missing value node before hand, to handle the missing values.

Best, Iris