Geo Nodes and projection systems

Hi, I have a dataset with location data containing three different geographic coordinate systems to which the latitude and longitude are related. These projection systems are NAD (North American Datum) 27 or 83 and UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator). I’d like to all this data on a map (using OSM Map View) but I guess I need to convert all of the data to the same projection system first.
Am I correct (I’m only interested in approximate location - as long as it’s in the right US state and county I’m happy)?
Does anyone know of an easy way to transform all the data to the same projection system?
Thanks in advance for your help!

To solve this problem I use a R node with sp and rgdal library. The example in attachment convert from French Lambert to GPS coordinates.exercice14.knwf (43.4 KB)

You will have to find your own codes on some pages like this “beauty” :

Hi Fabien.

Many thanks for your help! The project has paused for the time being but no doubt it will be restarted something this year at which point your advice and example workflow will be invaluable!

Thanks Again!