Geo Nodes: ReverseLocationLookup & ReverseGeocoder

Hello everybody.

I tried to use the nodes ReverseLocationLookup & ReverseGeocoder to get an adress from Geocoordinates. But both failed. To verify the

Input from GoogleAddressGeocoder: 52.36519 9.72668

Here are the error-messages:

ERROR ReverseLocationLookup 3:332      Execute failed: No LocationSources are enabled, thus no locations can be extracted. Please check the settings and activate at least one LocationSource.
ERROR ReverseGeocoder      3:331      Execute failed: ("ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException"): -1

I do not see any options to manipulate the Locationsource.

Is the until now used LocationSourcoe no longer available?

a small prepared workflow is included.

Hi there,

the LocationSource needs to be configured in KNIME's preferences. A description is available here.

As stated, there are two options: (1) Geonames (need to register a free account, provides limited number of requests) and (2) a local database, which we provide as separate commercial product.


Hi Guys,

it seems the link is broken, it should be pointing to here



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Thank you! :slight_smile:

I managed to run the locator but it looks like instead of the exact address itself it gives a location, I suppose as an estimated area, with around ±4km miss. What would be the best way to get exact coordinates for the addresses?

Which node are you using?