Geo-targeting for retail analysis

Hi all,

my business team obtained our stores location data (longitude & latitude).
What our team is looking for is how to classify stores in urban or suburb area.
Do you know any methods/node examples to classify those stores by location type (city/country)?

I am glad to read your ideas/experience for our next discussion.

Many thanks,

Hi @Brian_SK,

You can use the KNIME REST Client Extension to send interact with RESTful web services like OpenCage Geocoding API Documentation or Both provide free/trial services.

You will find so many workflow examples in KNIME Community Hub to learn more how to work with nodes or solve different problems.


Hello, if you have already obtained the location data (longitude and latitude) of the store and want to know the location type (city/country/region) of the store, you can try using KNIME’s plug-in geospatial analysis library.

If it’s convenient, you can also provide data and I can help you create a workflow. Welcome to communicate

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