Geocoding bug

Hello Knime team,

I have a task where I extract the locations as NER from the text using ChatGPT. Apparently it is not perfect, but good so far. The next thing I am trying to do is to encode the names into the coordinates with Geocoding node, using Arcgis provider, since it does not require subscription.
However it seems to be failing if it cannot recognize at least one of the locations. So for example I provide 50 names, if at least one of them cannot be successfully processed by provider API node returns an error:

ERROR Geocoding            3:180      Execute failed: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'latitude'

I have a suggestion for this node to have a checkbox that would allow to ignore the locations that were not successfully recognized by the service for any reason. It is fine for me to have some missing values, since my NER process is not perfect. So instead the output table can have a cell with missing value and/or error message.
I believe this fault-tolerant execution mode would make life easier.

An example to reproduce the error, try to encode: Hongik University.

Hi @Artem ,
makes perfect sense. I have just created a feature request for this.


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