GeoFile Reader input error - duplicate RowID field

I’ve noticed that a geojson file I created using the GeoFile Writer doesn’t open in the GeoFile Reader. I get this error:

ERROR GeoFile Reader 4:1 Execute failed: Duplicate column names found: ['<RowID>', '<RowID>', 'Line', 'geometry']

The problem seems to be with RowID. I opened the geojson file in a text editor and renamed the RowID field to RowID2, and now it works.

I believe the same thing happens for shapefile. It seems strange that a file created with one tool can’t be opened with another in the same extension, so I’m hoping a fix can be made.

I’ve attached both files as .txt, but they should be renamed to .geojson

solution.geojson.txt (4.8 KB)
error.geojson.txt (4.8 KB)

Hello @J_Knime_Work ,
thanks for reporting the problem. This was already discovered and will be fixed with the 1.1 release of the extension which will be released soon.

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Hello @J_Knime_Work ,

we have just release version 1.1 which should solve your problem.
For more details about the release click here.



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