Geolocalization from Long and Lat

Hi guys! I have a dataset about used cars. In two different columns I have the variables Long and Lat. How can I made a geolocalization and also a map about the cars?
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Great query!!! It’s strong

Maybe there could be some different node to do that

Hi @NearestNN -

Have you tried the OSM Map View node?


Ho @NearestNN,

As an alternative, you might combine Latitude/Longitude to Coordinate and Map Viewer nodes from Palladian. The Map Viewer node comes with a bunch of different tile providers:

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I don’t find this node in Anime, maybe I need to download an extention?

Hi there @NearestNN,

node linked by @ScottF is part of Extension (KNIME Open Street Map Integration) that doesn’t come automatically with KNIME but needs to be installed. Check bottom link for more on how to add nodes into KNIME:


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