Geospatial Analytics : Accessibility Analysis Based on Gaode Map API

Continue my journey of exploration.

This time, I am exploring path planning based on the Gaode Map API, and then calculating the time and distance spent from the starting point to the end point, and performing spatial visualization expression. The entire idea is quite simple, although it took a bit of a detour, the result is still feasible.

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With the help of KNIME geospatial analytics, not a single line of code has been written, and parameterized design, repeatable operation, zero code, and timely display of results have been achieved. Anyway, I really like KNIME geospatial analytics.


@tobias.koetter Hello, please give me some advice. thanks

Hi @GISer_last,

what is the question?

EDIT: it is very awesome that you explore the Geospatial extension! I just thought this to be an informational post about you telling your use-cases and providing insights in your journey. I just cannot see to which question Tobias could give answers and advice :slight_smile:

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