Geospatial Analytics Extension for KNIME 1.2.0 released!

we’re excited to announce the 1.2 release of the Geospatial Extension which now supports the experiments detailed in the first KNIME workbook for GIS: “Computational Methods and GIS Applications in Social Science - Lab Manual” by Lingbo Liu and Fahui Wang. For a deeper understanding and broader applications, users are encouraged to refer to the main text with case studies implemented in ArcGIS Pro: “Computational Methods and GIS Applications in Social Science, 3rd Edition” authored by Fahui Wang and Lingbo Liu. The workflows for the Lab Manual are available in the Geospatial Space in the KNIME Hub.

The major addition in this release is the support for spatial clustering. In addition, this release adds several new solver nodes for location analysis. We have further improved the usability of several nodes by moving advanced settings into a foldable advanced section or hide settings that are not needed for the current situation.

This version requires KNIME Analytics Platform version 5.1.1 or later.

New nodes

  • New category for Spatial clustering e.g., AZP, MSSC, MaxP, REDCAP, SCHC, SKATER
  • Additional solver nodes for location analysis e.g., LSCP Solver, MCLP Solver, P-center Solver, P-median Solver (only available on Windows)
  • Various other nodes such as IP to Geometry, Line Endpoints and Create Random Points


  • Various node dialogs have been updated to show settings only if they are required or hide them in a foldable advanced section
  • Geospatial View has now an image outport view e.g. to use the images in KNIME reports
  • GeoFile Reader and Writer now support GeoParquet files
  • Update more nodes (Area, Bounding Box, Convex Hull and Length) to provide the option to either replace or append new result column
  • Spatial and Nearest Join allow users to filter out columns from input tables prior joining
  • Support for custom OSRM server
  • Library updates of Curl, GeoPandas, etc.

Bug fixes

  • view fails with multiple geometry columns
  • Ensure unique coordinate reference system in Nearest Joiner node

For a full list of all solved tickets in this release click here.

For more information on how to update to the latest version of the Geospatial Extension see the KNIME documentation.


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