[Geospatial] GeoFile Reader: Register File Types for Drag & Drop functionality


when attempting to drag & drop aa shapefile the following error is thrown:

WARN WorkflowEditorDropTargetListener No node factory is registered for handling "/C:/Users/Mike%20Wiegand/Downloads/Knime/Shapefiles/land-polygons-split-4326/land_polygons.shp"

Hence, I’d like to suggest to register the corresponding file types to allow drag & drop functionality.

PS: Adding to this, the node laacks basic file navigation capabilities toov.


Hello @mwiegand ,
we are aware of the limitation with the basic file navigation and are working on it. We will also investigate internally if we can support D&D in the Geospatial File Reader nodes as well. The Geospatial Extension is developed with the Python node development framework which as of now doesn’t provide all the functionality of the Java node development framework.

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