Geospatial Nodes: missing write options


in most of these Nodes I am missing these options:

whenver a folder is missing, it should be created.
whenver a file aready exists, it should be either overwritten or the node should fail.

Could that be implemented in the 5.3 nodes? That would be great. Thank you!

Sorry, title should be “Geospatial Nodes” of course :sweat_smile:

Hi @tobias.koetter

is that related to the missing functionality of the Python node development framework as well? If not, it would be really great if that could be implemented in the next release. Thank you!

Hello @Awiener ,
I created a ticket for the feature request and we will look into it for the 1.4 release of the extension. Right now we are working on the 1.3 release which is already delayed which is why I don’t want to add any new features to it.

Hello @tobias.koetter
sounds great, thank you. All the best for the upcoming release!