Get 1st day of current week


I am struggling how to get 1st day of current week. For example, when current date is 2024.03.08, i want to get 1st day of this week, 2024.03.04 (Mon. is the 1st day of the week). Can anyone guide me how to solve it? Thanks a lot

Hello @Joey666
I’ve prepared a workflow with a possible approach to your challenge:

Please let me know if further guidance is needed.


Thank you so much !! It works ! :grinning:

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Hi @Joey666

It is also possible to use a String Manipulation “java hack” to return the date for Monday of the current week:

string( - 1

This works by subtracting the current day number (minus 1) from the current date. Monday = 1, Sunday =7, so current date minus (day number - 1 ) is the date of Monday.


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