Get birth datetime column from age column and current datetime column

Hi, is there such a work-around for make a subtraction between current datetime column and age column in order to get the birth datetime column as result?

Here below an example of what I mean:

age column -> 25
current datetime -> 2018-10-17
birth datetime ->1993-09-10

In this case of course we cannot be accurate for day and month, but at least for year we should be able to calculate it well.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi there!

I would suggest to just subtract age column from current year. You can use Date&Time Shift node with Years for Granularity and your numerical column would be your age column. There is around <0.15% probability you will have accurate day and month :wink:

Also there is still around 20% probability you will miss year as well :smiley:


You might have a look at this example. With a little conversion you can determine the right age. This is KNIME style. You might also do such a thing with a Math node or a Java Snippet.

kn_example_birthday.knwf (49.7 KB)