Get Currency symbol next to number

Hello all,

I am trying to get the currency symbol next to number according to excel sheets.

Example: 1234 => 1,234 € or $ 1,234 etc…

Could any one suggest which node to use.

I can also write using string manipulation like “EUR 1234”. But, I want this field to be number instead of string.

Can anyone suggest please

Look at the KNIME Reporter.

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Hi there!

Are you writing your data from KNIME to Excel and you would like to write it with currency or you would just like to have currency written in KNIME while having Number type column?


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Hi Ipazin,

at the moment, I’m writing my data to excel.

Instead of changing all the time in excel, is there any source that the format can be set using knime only? This is my question.

yes, I would like to have currency written while having number type column only.

You could probably give the new XLS nodes a try:

Haven’t tried them yet, but this sounds promising:

Define the text format of you cell (e.g. percent: 0.00% , whole number: #,##0, …). Please use only English locale values, irrespective of your target or local environment.

– Philipp

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Hi there

In KNIME it is not possible for column to be a number type and have a currency.

As @qqilihq said there are nodes from Continental extension you should try out.


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